About Us

Our Company

Lica Land is a Manila-based real estate development company operating in the fields of commercial, residential, and hospitality real estate businesses. It is part of the Lica Group, a synergistic group of companies involved in real estate, hospitality, automotive, financial services and office solutions. Lica Land owns and develops a substantial land bank in key areas in and around Metro Manila.

Lica Land has its own development projects and joint projects with other principal leaders in the Philippine real estate industry. Together with its affiliates, it represents some of the country’s most innovative property development projects all over the Philippines, in and outside of Manila. Our projects include middle income residential subdivisions, neighborhood shopping centers, Autoplexes, and commercial, office and residential buildings such as hotels.

Lica Land identifies and acquires undeveloped and underdeveloped land both in urban and rural areas that have unrealized potential. It uses a high standard of construction that is sensitive to the natural environment transforming ‘raw terrain’ into a high quality and valuable asset of lasting value.

Lica Land’s tenants, owners, partners, and investors choose us because of our excellent locations, innovative development concepts, and the Lica marketing network.