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LicaLand is a Manila-based real estate development company operating in the fields of commercial, residential, and hospitality real estate businesses.



LicaLand is a Manila-based real estate development firm that specializes in commercial, residential, and hospitality real estate. It is a subsidiary of the Lica Group, a conglomerate of companies involved in real estate, hospitality, automotive, financial services, and office solutions. Licaland owns and develops a significant land bank in and around Metro Manila.

Our Expertise

Residential 100%
Commercial 100%
Hospitality 100%


We will be your first choice to help you OWN and ENJOY your HOME. For visitors to the Philippines, we will help you and your family ENJOY HOME, away from home. Our customers interact with us continuously, from the actual purchase experience, to services like financing and insurance, to hassle free maintenance and repairs, to resale and upgrade. Because of us, our customers will ENJOY their experience completely.


Ownership of home are the major dreams of all Filipino families in all walks of life. Visitors to the Philippines likewise seek a home they can enjoy We envision a country where home are easy to acquire and a joy to experience.



Exhibit determination in reaching goals and consistently meeting or exceeding expectations. DON’T GIVE UP. Focus on continuous improvement and don’t consider failure to be an option.


Behave ethically, safely, honesty and lawfully. Take pride in everything that is fair and knowledgeable and build integrity in every situation.


Work collaboratively and coordinate harmoniously with every member of the company towards common goals. Treat people with respect and dignity. Commit to the company where personal wants and needs become secondary.



Residential properties have been one of LicaLand's pioneering businesses since 1960. We have properties located in different cities in Luzon, namely BGC, Makati, San Pedro Laguna, Angono Rizal, Cavite, and many other areas.


LicaLand is also known for its hospitality businesses since 1983 in Makati. In 2019, they expanded their business to include a location in BGC.


LicaLand has over 27 years of experience in printer rentals and IT services. They have extended their services to include private and institutional real estate construction, interior design, and renovation projects since 2013.


In the 1980s, LicaLand began offering commercial buildings that catered to the diverse needs of businesses. These properties provide an ideal space for operating and growing your business.


In 2021, LicaLand expanded its businesses into e-commerce, launching its first online home furniture store. They also have other businesses such as office furniture from Japan that started in 2006.



We have a culture of innovation where our employees
can make a difference and we are looking for the like minded,
dynamic individuals to come and join our rapidly expanding team.

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